Find a like-minded service provider to partner with or help you with your next project.
Work with people who share your values, views and moral principles.

At Design Responsibly we believe that impact is made by small consistent efforts. Simple little things we do every day reflect who we are and have an effect on where we’ll be in the years to come. Daily actions and decisions we make, however insignificant they might seem, are molding our future self and influence the people around us. Our individuality, our views and values permeate everything we do — the way we communicate, deal with problems, treat people, animals and environment.

The work takes up a significant part of our life and it seems reasonable to watch were our efforts and time go to, to understand why we are doing what we are doing and see if it aligns with who we are and what we stand for as a person. We are lucky enough to work with awesome people on interesting and meaningful projects. At the same time, we had received quite a few requests for projects that didn't align with our views and had to decline such for personal reasons.

We felt it would be a right and honest decision to explain our values and attitude towards the work we do in advance, to state it clearly and highlight our priorities and projects we look forward to working on in the future. This was a time we came up with an idea to create a platform to help responsible designers differentiate and make their prospective clients aware of their preferences and attitude towards the work they do.

We set out to build a network of creative professionals and business owners who share a genuine interest for meaningful, environmentally conscious and ethical projects, are honest with themselves and their customers. We have heard many times it's an utopia and it goes against interests of business, laws of economics etc. We did decline a bulk of projects confronting our values ourselves and never doubted the future. We strongly believe there's a whole bunch of awesome people thinking and living the same.

Success for us is the the number of creative professionals and responsible businesses matched together to work on the meaningful projects that contribute to an environment that promotes well-being. We work to grow our community and overall awareness of the Design Responsibly initiative to encourage designers to stick to their values and dedicate their talent and skills to projects that serve for good cause.

We are committed to make Design Responsibly a go-to place for finding responsible service providers, business owners and eco brands. The change is upon us and everyone should start with himself.

Design Responsibly.